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At Territory Funerals Darwin, the funeral service represents the first and most important step towards working through one’s grief and readjusting to life. The significance of the emotional and therapeutic value is widely recognised. From a practical point of view, the funeral service ensures the proper, respectful and dignified burial or cremation of your loved one.

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We provide a range of services including Burials, Cremations and Planning.

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When making arrangements for a service with Territory Funerals in Darwin, families will appreciate that we give them all the time they need to create a unique and heartfelt service. We believe in giving our families time because we know that there is nothing more important than making decisions that need to be made regarding funeral service.

Our objective is to be your caring and trusted adviser and to play a central but unobtrusive role in planning what is often an important family event or celebration.

Someone from Territory Funerals will come to your home to discuss funeral arrangements in a comfortable and stress-free environment. We can manage everything, including music, flowers, flags, candles, keepsake jewelry, urns, coffins etc., according to your preferences.

Our role as a funeral director in Darwin is to make all the relevant arrangements before conducting the funeral service. The funeral director works with the minister or celebrant to ensure that any special requests made by the family, partner or friends (e.g. regarding music, flowers and photos) have been met by the time of the funeral service


Some of these requests may include music selection, flower arrangements, any newspaper announcements or anything else that the family wants to add into the funeral service.

We also discuss with family members about whether they would like a photographic presentation to be played during the service, arranging for the photos to be collected and music to be played.

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The minister or celebrant is ultimately responsible for what is part of the funeral ceremony itself. The process usually involves working with family members to:

Registration of Death

It is a legal requirement that every death that occurs in the Northern Territory has to be registered with the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. Once the death is registered, a certified death certificate can be issued on application, this document is a requirement for any legal and estate issues.


During your initial meeting with Territory Funerals, we will ask you to provide the personal information of a designated family member or friend, whoever is registering the death, if it’s not you, on your behalf. To make the process easier for you and your family at the time, you may wish to record this information in advance and bring it along to your initial meeting with us.

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Territory Funerals can arrange all the requirements for the final interment to take place. The main cemetery in the Darwin region is Thorak Regional Cemetery at Knuckey Lagoon. Territory Funerals can make all the arrangements, including all the legal paperwork, for the burial to occur.

These days cremation is a preferred funeral option, not only for cultural or religious reasons but because it is often a more affordable funeral option. Territory Funerals in Darwin can make all the arrangements for the cremation to take place, including legal paperwork.



As with burials, the funeral service can take place at the Thorak Crematorium Chapel before the cremation. The crematorium usually allows up to an hour for the family to conduct their service.

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When it comes to funerals, many of us don’t like to think about them, let alone plan for them. Today more and more people realise it makes a lot of sense to pre-arrange their funeral because it will ensure that the people responsible for arranging your funeral service can carry out your wishes.


There is a lot of information and important decisions to be made with regards to a funeral service. Recording your personal information and preferences now will give you peace of mind that your wishes are known and you have made arrangements for them to be carried out.


We can help you pre-plan a funeral if you want to take away that stress from your family when you do pass away.