Territory Funeral's -Planning FAQs

Territory Funerals in Darwin are proud to serve as the premier funeral service providers in the area. We help families in the Darwin, Palmerston and surrounding rural areas as they come to terms with the loss of a loved one. Whether it was an unexpected or timely death, we can help you arrange the funeral and memorial ceremonies with elegance, class and distinction.
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Funeral Planning FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about our funeral services:

The first thing we tell families is that we want to make sure your loved one’s funeral service is exactly what they would have wanted. Each family has their own traditions, beliefs and ideas for how a funeral should proceed.


For instance, some families choose to form a guard of honour while others wish to deliver many eulogies to pay homage to the family member they lost. However much or little you want to be involved in the funeral service is completely up to you and your family, and Territory Funerals will cater for any decision which you feel suits you best.

The precise time from your loved one’s death to their funeral service will depend on certain factors, such as your wishes for specific ceremonies. The process generally takes from two to five days. At Territory Funerals, we always ensure our clients are aware that there is no rush. We believe in arranging the ceremonies on the dates that you feel are most suitable for everyone in your family.


We can organise to keep your loved one at our premises, in a place where they will remain safe. Such arrangements can be helpful under circumstances where family members need to travel from interstate or internationally to attend the funeral ceremony. Please do not hesitate to discuss your religious or cultural requirements, to ensure we are able to make arrangements which are suitable for everyone involved in the ceremony.

The first thing you need to know is that Territory Funerals is a locally owned and family operated business serving the local and greater communities. We strive to ensure you are informed and comfortable during the funeral planning process.


We can organise a meeting at our premises or we can come to you. One of our Funeral Directors will sit down with the family members and/or friends who would like to have some involvement in the planning process. By gathering as much information about your loved one as possible, we will then be able to make sure the funeral service will be as close to what they would have wanted, as possible.

Yes, Territory Funerals is a full-service funeral planning business. Whether you are requesting a funeral ceremony, memorial, burial and/or cremation, Territory Funerals can take care of the specifics.

We always tell families their involvement can be as much or as little as they prefer. We understand if you would like to go over the basics but would prefer for our Funeral Directors to take care of the rest. Or, if you want more of a say in the way everything is arranged, we will accommodate your requests to the best of our ability.