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Territory Funerals are proud to be able to help families in Darwin, Palmerston and surrounding communities with arranging a funeral for a deceased love one. Our roles as Funeral Directors is to make all the relevant arrangements before conducting the funeral service for your family.

If you’re looking to arrange a funeral for a loved one, contact us here.

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Funeral Directors

The advantage of working with Territory Funerals is that we have more than two decades of experience in providing funeral services to clients. Our Funeral Directors work with the minister or celebrant to make sure that any of the family’s special requests such as music, flowers and photos have been taken care of by the time of the funeral service. 

Some of these requests by family members may include music selection, floral arrangements, custom coffins/caskets, newspaper announcements or anything else that the family wishes to incorporate into the funeral service. It is our job to cater to your wishes during this difficult time, while making it as easy for you to have a say in the process as much as possible. 

We also discuss with family members about whether they would like any photo or video presentations played during the service. Our funeral directors can arrange for the photos to be collected and music to be played, ensuring the dedication is perfectly timed during the ceremony. 


The minister or celebrant is ultimately responsible for what happens during the funeral ceremony itself. At Territory Funerals, we liaise with your family and, if required, the religious figure of your choosing to:

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and Symbols:

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Music speaks to our hearts, especially during a funeral service. The music selected and the way it is used usually set the emotional tone of the service.

Music can be played from a CD or smartphone you supply, or from our extensive music collection. We ensure the music during your loved one’s funeral is in tune with your religious, spiritual, cultural or personal preferences.

Our Territory Funeral directors take the time to understand which flower or flower combination, including colours, you would prefer to be set up for the funeral ceremony.

These flowers can be arranged in a casket spray, laid out as single flowers, or set up as a bunch of flowers tied with a ribbon.

When arranging the funeral service, we can organise flowers on your behalf or have a professional florist handle the job.

Families are also welcome to use their florist or to provide their own flowers. Some people have incorporated baskets of vegetables, sports equipment or other things that hold special meaning, to personalise the tribute.

At Territory Funerals we are aware that every family reacts differently to a loved one’s passing. We never want to impose our will on your family. If you would like to be very involved in selecting the flowers for the ceremony, we will make sure that happens. Families who want us to take over the process can give us a few pointers and then allow our funeral directors to take it from there.

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Candles are generally recognised as a universal symbol of love, light and hope. Candle lighting during the service is always a poignant ritual.

Flags draped over a coffin, the playing of the last post and the red poppies used in the returned services tribute, speak to us of a person's contribution to his or her country. A flag may also be symbolic of the person's country of birth.

Academic, sporting or community achievement awards that tell us of other accomplishments in a person's life. Many people who pass want to be remembered for what they considered their greatest moments when they were alive

Art, craft, musical instruments, other artefacts and hobbies that show additional dimensions of the person whose life we are honouring during the ceremony.

Please talk to one of our funeral directors at Territory Funerals Darwin if you would like to incorporate any of the above into the funeral service.