Funeral Floral Arrangements Darwin

Territory Funerals has more than two decades of experience in planning and arranging funerals for families in Darwin, Palmerston and surrounding communities. We are the most comprehensive, considerate and well-respected funeral service in the area for a reason – we ensure that every one of our clients’ wishes is carried out beautifully.

flowers on white coffin with lit candle in Darwin

Territory Funerals wants to help clients choose the flowers they would like for the funeral, burial and memorial ceremonies for their loved ones.

Pink Rose on top of a pebble rock in Darwin
White funeral flowers on top of dark wood coffin in chapel

We Help You Select the Right Funeral Flowers

Our years of planning funerals in Darwin have shown us that families care a lot about the floral arrangements for the funeral and burial ceremonies, along with the memorial at their home after those events take place. We are so proud to be able to help grieving families to select the floral arrangements they would like for these ceremonies.

When you lose a loved one or a dear friend, a funeral arrangement can be the simplest and most perfect way to honour their life. There is a reason why you always send flowers to someone if you hear they lost a loved one, even if you are not in the same city or country as them. Flowers are the universal language that we all speak. Looking at a bouquet can make us feel better or remind us about someone we hold dear in our hearts.

We do have a catalogue to help you choose the flowers and style, from flowers spread across the whole coffin to living plants or even artificial ones, the choice is yours.

Funeral Flower Arrangements

Two Approaches to Floral Selection

There are two different ways that we can assist families when it comes to floral arrangement selection. The first option is that our funeral directors will do the bulk of the work. We have a conversation with your family at your home shortly after your loved one’s passing.


You let us know whether you would prefer for us to handle the floral arrangements, either ourselves or through a trusted florist in our network. We are happy to help you and we have arranged flowers for all kinds of funerals in Darwin.

This arrangement is beneficial to families who are grieving and do not want to obsess over the flowers for the ceremonies. Maybe you have a few ideas such as colour schemes or a favourite flower of your deceased loved one. We take your advice on board and proceed accordingly.

Wooden casket with colourful flower arrangement with light in the background
Yellow, lavender and white flowers on top of a casket in a funeral home
The second option is one that quite a few families in Darwin choose – you taking charge of the funeral floral arrangements. You can decide to hire a florist you trust and have them take on the job of choosing individual flowers and bouquets. You can also micromanage the process by selecting every flower and combination of flowers yourself – before asking our funeral directors to arrange them around the funeral and burial site.

There is no pressure from anyone at Territory Funerals for you to choose either approach. We believe that every person and family grieve in their own special way. Some want to plan and ensure the funeral and memorial is exactly how they want to remember their loved one. Others want to attend and to have a beautiful ceremony but they would prefer that we handle the specifics.

Choosing Funeral Flowers

If you do decide that you will be choosing the flowers for the funeral yourself, we have some tips that will help you with the process. The most traditional flowers we see at Australian funerals are carnations, roses and lilies. These flowers have a very conventional and pleasant aesthetic without being too flashy or “in your face.”


Many of our clients end up going with one or all of those flowers in different combinations. There are some other flowers that you can choose if you want to add a bit more cheer and vibrancy to the ceremonies. These flowers include peace lily plants, orchids, chrysanthemums and hyacinths.


Territory Funerals is so proud to serve as the number one funeral planner in Darwin and Palmerston. We will work tirelessly to ensure that your loved one’s funeral is as beautiful and dignified as you want it to be. That includes choosing the perfect flowers, bouquets and floral arrangements for the various ceremonies.


If you have any questions about funeral floral arrangements, do not hesitate to call us on 0438 637 258 today!