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When one of our Territory Funerals funeral directors sits down with the family to make the funeral arrangements, we will ask you whether your loved one, who has passed away, wished to be buried. We understand that every family has religious, spiritual and cultural preferences on this matter, which is why we never assume.

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Trusted Burial Services

Territory Funerals offers families the option of an elegant and respectful burial when their loved one passes away. We can arrange all the requirements for the final interment to take place. The main burial cemetery in the Darwin region takes place at the Thorak Regional Cemetery at Knuckey Lagoon. Territory Funerals can make all the arrangements for the burial to take place, including filling out the relevant legal paperwork.

You have several options as to where you would like the funeral service and burial to be conducted. Clients can choose a graveside burial service, perfect for individuals who want a simple farewell service performed at the graveside. It makes for a dignified funeral with a minimum of fuss.

It is also possible to use the funeral chapel at Thorak which allows for a funeral service to take place within the grounds, before the burial. You could also have the funeral service take place at your preferred location, whether a church or alternative venue, before moving onto the cemetery for the burial.

About Burials

If you live in Darwin or Palmerston and have had a loved one pass away, you may be inclined to choose burial as a means to lay your beloved family member to rest. It’s a very good option, burials are respectful, culturally and religiously relevant and provide the family with a site to visit regularly to commemorate the person they lost.

Many choices must be made regarding burials such as deciding between a casket and a coffin. These are the decisions we leave up to the family unless they would like one of our funeral specialists to decide on their behalf. Keep in mind that we can have you be as involved as you want.

It’s also important to choose the ideal plot for the burial. Typically, there is the option of an above ground burial that can take place in a vault or crypt, or you can select a standard burial where the coffin is below ground. We understand that your religion may dictate your preference in this regard, which is why we talk to you about both options.
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The services that we offer related to burial include:

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Personalised Burial Service

There is a distinct advantage to having more than two decades of experience of funeral planning in Darwin and Palmerston. It gives our funeral directors and specialists the tools to offer you the most personalised and thoughtful burial service possible.

We make every effort to ensure that you are satisfied with the planning and execution of the burial. If you have some specific requirement that you believe will improve the ceremony or your family’s ability to grieve, we ensure that our funeral directors carry out your request.

At Territory Funerals we are here to help you with the planning and flawless execution of your loved one’s burial after their passing. If you require our services or have any questions about the burial process, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.