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When it comes to funerals many of us don’t like to think about them, let alone plan for them. No one wants to imagine what would happen to their family, friends and other loved ones when they pass away. Do you ever think about how people would react at your funeral ceremony, burial or memorial?


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These days more and more people realise that it makes a lot of sense to pre-arrange their funeral

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Controlling Your Funeral Arrangements

Pre-arranging ensures that the people responsible for organising your funeral service can carry out your wishes and also relieves your family members of a lot of worry and stress.


There is a lot of information and many important decisions to be made regarding a funeral service. For instance, clients will need to decide if they want to be buried or cremated when they pass away. For some people, it’s a spiritual or religious decision, while others have their own personal reasons for preferring one over the other.


You may also have some thoughts about how you want your ceremonies to play out. For instance, we have many clients with specific ideas about the music that should play, photos that should be shown and the people who should be giving a eulogy at their funeral.

Peace of Mind

Recording your personal information and preferences now will give you peace of mind that your wishes are known, and that you have made arrangements for them to be carried out. You wouldn’t have to worry about how your family might react to specific requests.

For instance, many of our clients have set up a will where they clearly state their wishes at the moment of their passing. Some people prefer not to tell the family about those requests until they are gone. As an example, you may have a preference for cremation, despite your family’s religious beliefs leaning toward a burial.

Instead of wondering whether your family would respect your wishes or putting them through the heartache of having to plan for a ceremony that goes against their beliefs, you can take the responsibility off their shoulders.

By discussing your funeral arrangements with Territory Funerals, you can make sure that our funeral directors know everything about how you would like to be remembered at the time of your passing.

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Pre-Paying For a Funeral

Pre-paying for all or part of your funeral service can also help relieve your family of the financial responsibility of paying for the funeral.


At Territory Funerals in Darwin we also recommend that you set up a funeral bond as part of pre-planning your service with us. Setting up the bond will mean that the financial side of your funeral service is handled and it also helps ensure that your family will respect your wishes for your funeral ceremony.


When you set up a funeral bond through Territory Funerals you can decide the amount you wish to put aside for your funeral service. You can contribute the full amount or arrange for regular payments to be deposited into your funeral bond, starting with an initial amount of $50.00.

You have the freedom to stop paying instalments at any time without penalty if your circumstances change. The amount you have contributed will be still be credited towards your funeral service. Pre-paid funerals up to $12,500 are currently excluded from asset testing if you receive a pension from Centrelink or the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Territory Funerals does not hold any monies paid towards funeral bonds. They are held in trust by companies such as Sureplan and have government guaranteed backing.

We believe that pre-planning and paying for a funeral can help many people gain peace of mind about their future passing.

Should you be considering a pre-arranged funeral or require further information, please contact us at Territory Funerals in Darwin to discuss your options, if you decide to go further, an appointment can be arranged with one of our funeral directors.