Cremation Services in Darwin

Territory Funerals understands how emotionally difficult the days and weeks after a loved one’s passing are.

We are also respectful of your family’s religious, spiritual and cultural traditions and beliefs and have helped people of all faiths and backgrounds in Darwin with planning their loved one’s funeral.

While burials are the most common in the event of a loved one passing in Darwin, cremations have become increasingly common in the past decade.

These days, cremation is a preferred funeral option, not only for cultural or religious reasons but because it is often a more affordable funeral option.

couple putting their hands on a black urn with yellow flowers surrounding them

Territory Funerals Darwin can make all the arrangements for the cremation to take place, including legal paperwork.

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Cremation Planning in Darwin

We know that it is so difficult to think clearly and process information in the days and weeks after a loved one passes. What we do know is that if your loved one had a preference for cremation, or it is the tradition in your family’s culture, we will do everything to ensure the process goes smoothly.


As with burials, the funeral service can take place at the Thorak Crematorium Chapel before the cremation. The crematorium usually allows up to an hour for the family to conduct their service. 


Much like a burial, we can accommodate the needs of your family in the most respectful and beautiful way. If you would like to say a few words or have a preference for the music you would like played during the service, we will help make the relevant arrangements.

Cremations and Other Ceremonies

You may want to hold your funeral service at a church, alternative venue or perhaps at home. It would allow a little more time for the service and your loved one can then be taken to be privately cremated after the ceremony. Cremation can be a tricky subject among family, especially if your loved one’s wishes are not the tradition of the family.


We can help you make arrangements for traditional ceremonies that enable your family members to grieve and celebrate the life of the person they lost. Then we can arrange the cremation after those events have concluded.

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Burning Ashes in a fireplace in Darwin

Without Added Ceremonies

Alternatively, families may want a cremation only – without any funeral service taking place. Such a process may be the wishes of the family due to circumstances such as being interstate/overseas or timing to organise a memorial service at a later date. 


It is also traditional in some families to have a cremation and then a memorial service at their home. We respect this tradition and do everything to make that a reality for families in Darwin and Palmerston.


The cremation usually takes place on the day of the funeral service and the ashes are available within 48 hours. The family can then decide what will happen with the ashes.


They can be scattered, buried or divided for the family members. We can also help families with sending ashes to other destinations in Australia and overseas.

If the family want to have the ashes placed into a memorial urn, Territory Funerals have access to a wide selection of memorial urns that you can purchase.

Wood urn with cross on lid surrounded by white and purple flowers in Darwin

Our cremation services in Darwin, Palmerston and surrounding areas include:

  • Transporting your loved one from the place of their passing to our care and then to the cremation facility.
  • Hygienic preparation of your loved one according to your religious, cultural or spiritual customs.
  • All the relevant medical documents and death certificates.
  • Cremation fees for the crematorium of your choosing in Darwin or Palmerston.
  • Presence of our experienced staff members at the cremation ceremony and any other ceremonies, enabling them to help your family and guests with anything they need.
  • Special music, video or in person dedications to your loved one before or after the ceremony.
  • Vehicles for transporting your family and guests to and from the event.
Cremation may be a relatively new tradition in Australia but it’s one that is very popular among families around Darwin and Palmerston. Many people have a preference for being cremated and having their ashes scattered at a special location, instead of being buried.

If you would like to respect your loved one’s wishes in this regard, we can help you arrange an elegant and dignified cremation ceremony that allows your family to grieve and celebrate the life of your loved one.

At Territory Funerals we will do everything to make sure the cremation ceremony goes through without a hitch. Contact us if you have any additional questions.