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Funeral planning is such a complicated process, it’s a time of balancing your grief with the desire to arrange the perfect funeral ceremony and memorial for your loved one. Territory Funerals is well aware of these challenges which is why we offer the most personalised, comfortable and elegant funeral services to families in Darwin, Palmerston and surrounding areas.

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Candles - Funeral Service in Holtze NT

Aside from our dignified funeral, burial, cremation and memorial services, we also provide funeral products that could enhance those ceremonies. We know that families in the area have unique preferences when it comes to the setup of funeral ceremonies so we have a wide selection of funeral products available at Territory Funerals.

Families can have as much or as little input into the addition of these funeral products as they prefer. For instance, some families have very set ideas about how they want the funeral ceremonies to look. Other families present a document of wishes from their loved one, who may have written it out before their passing. There are also occasions where our funeral directors ask you a few questions and then take charge of the selection process.

Territory Funerals can assist clients in Darwin and Palmerston with tailor-made coffins and caskets, ensuring they are meeting the preferences and requirements set out by your religious, spiritual, cultural or family customs. We have special coffins for our indigenous clients and all coffins are made locally through reputable manufacturers.

We have standard and traditional, personalised and expression coffins available for funeral ceremonies. Territory Funerals can also provide eco-friendly coffins, personalised coffins with messages, pictures, logos or colour schemes, favourite sports team coffins and other specialty coffins.

When we visit your home for an initial consultation, we will bring a booklet that shows you some of the most common kinds of coffins and caskets that our clients choose. It is a guide that is meant to help you along in the process, we respect the wishes of your family. If you have a specific choice, let us know and we will do everything to accommodate your request.

Rose on coffin - Funeral Service in Holtze NT
coffin with rose - Funeral Service in Holtze NT
Flower on coffin - Funeral Service in Holtze NT

Our Territory Funeral directors take the time to understand which favourite flowers you may want as part of the funeral ceremony for your loved one. We have options that range from a floral spread over the whole coffin or single layers of flowers. We are happy to bring a catalogue of flowers to your home when we come for the initial visit to discuss funeral arrangements.

There are many unique flower options available to our clients which include combinations of flowers and colours for a casket spray, single flowers that are adorned in the areas you prefer, or a selection of flowers tied together with a ribbon.


When arranging the funeral service for our clients we can also organise the flowers. Our funeral directors are very experienced in this area. However, we can also point you in the direction of a professional florist you can use.

We are also more than happy for families to choose their florist or provide flowers of their preference. At Territory Funerals we know that families have their own tastes and preferences when it comes to floral arrangements and we aim to respect those wishes as much as possible.

Families in Darwin and Palmerston that choose cremation for their loved ones based on religious customs or the person’s wishes, will want to invest in a beautiful urn for the ashes.


The urn that you choose will depend on several factors such as your budget and how you are planning to keep those ashes after cremation. For instance, some families do not want to invest a lot of money in an urn because they plan to scatter the ashes a few days after the cremation ceremony.


In other instances, families decide to keep the urn and ashes on the mantelpiece or a special location of their house. If that is your preference you might want to choose a memorial urn or keepsake urn that looks stylish, elegant and fitting as a final resting place for your loved one’s ashes.

If you would like more information about the funeral products such as coffins, caskets, flowers, urns and jewellery that we provide for the relevant ceremonies, do not hesitate to call Territory Funerals in Darwin today.