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Territory Funerals in Darwin and Palmerston helps families with the funeral planning process after a loved one passes away. Part of the service we provide includes helping families choose the best coffin or casket for their deceased loved one. When you hire Territory Funerals, you should know that we have access to any kind of coffin that you could imagine.

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Whether you are looking for a classy coffin for a burial, an indigenous-made coffin or a specialty coffin that has a specific design, logo or colour scheme, we will either have it in stock or we can order it in for you. We even have eco-friendly coffins or coffins that show the emblem and colour scheme of local and national sports teams!

Selecting a Coffin

Having run a funeral arrangement business for the past two decades we are very aware of the complicated process of selecting the right coffin. We know that families are already going through a lot and many are not able to effectively choose a coffin for their loved one to be buried inside. Our funeral directors can take over the process if you would like.

We will ask you a few questions, check if your loved one had any requests they made before their passing and then our funeral directors will choose the most appropriate and elegant coffin that fits your budget. However, we can also take your input and make sure the coffin is precisely how you or your loved one imagined
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Choosing a coffin is one of the most significant and challenging decisions associated with funeral planning. It’s something that most people don’t really think about until they are in the sad position of having to choose for somebody else. Coffins come in a wide range of styles, colour schemes and designs.

At Territory Funerals we can help you decide on the ideal coffin that you will use for the burial of your loved one. Not only will it be the perfect coffin for burial but it will be elegant and beautiful enough to have on display during the funeral ceremony. We can also arrange flowers and other ornaments around the coffin should you have a preference in this area.

Setting a Coffin Budget

Part of selecting the ideal coffin for your loved one’s funeral and burial is to be clear about your budget. Territory Funerals can help in this area. When we send a funeral director to your home after your loved one’s passing we will talk about financial matters straight away. There are instances where your loved one may have had insurance that will pay for the funeral or a pre-payment for the ceremonies they had already made with Territory Funerals.

If neither of those options is a factor in your circumstances, we will sit down with you and discuss the costs of the various funeral, burial and memorial ceremonies. We can take out the coffin cost and let you know how much you are looking at spending. It makes selecting a budget for the coffin a little easier because you know the amount you will spend independently of that purchase.
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Coffin Varieties

There are many options available to Darwin and Palmerston families when it comes to choosing a coffin for their deceased loved one. For instance, there are metal and wooden coffins available from Territory Funerals through our trusted suppliers.

Metal Coffins

Metal coffins are very durable which makes them an excellent option for burying your loved one. They are incredibly protective, using a rubber gasket to seal the coffin from outside elements. If you are wondering how your loved one’s body would interact with the ground after a few months and years, a metal coffin will give you peace of mind, you will know that dirt and other elements will not get inside.

If budget is not an issue, a bronze or copper coffin would be an excellent option for your loved one. Stainless steel and carbon steel coffins are also fitting choices if you wish to lower the cost but they are not as durable as the former two.
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Wooden Coffin

Families that prefer a more traditional aesthetic may want to choose a timber coffin for their loved one’s burial. There are some fantastic hardwood options available which include mahogany, cherry, maple, oak, pecan, pine and walnut. We can help you look over the colour and design options with each type of wood, along with their respective pros and cons.

Territory Funerals can also help with other matters related to coffin selection such as the size of the coffin and any added features. If you have any questions about coffin selection, call us today!